3 Reasons to Come to our July OneTable!

If you haven’t been to one of our OneTable events, you’re really missing out on a special piece of community right in our backyard of Johnston County North Carolina. We host these monthly meals with the intention to foster togetherness, build stronger communities, inspire compassion, & encourage discipleship.

And because we really (really REALLY) want you to be there, we compiled a list of 3 reasons why you should come!

  1. To meet others in the community! Psalm 133:1 talks about how community creates unity and I’m reminded of the importance of this daily. We want to encourage you and remind you that we’re not meant to live life alone. We’re not meant to sit inside and be sad watching the news or to feel like we’re not enough scrolling through instagram. We also don’t think we’re living in Johnston County North Carolina by accident. We’re planted here for a reason, and we firmly believe God wants us to bloom. There’s something really special about watching your kids interact with others and meeting a new mom friend for the first time. That’s our hope for OneTable, for you to sit with someone you’ve never met and share a meal. 

2. Support the Community. It really means so much when you show up to these events because they’re typically sponsored by other local businesses or cooked by incredible ministries serving in our backyard. For our June OneTable, for instance, we partnered with Romeos Pizza in downtown Clayton and Sunset Slush JoCo! We also had our summer interns that cut up 20 huge watermelons for the event. Truly, it takes a village and we’re so grateful for all the partnerships that want to make a difference with us.

3. You don’t have to cook! Which means you don’t have to do dishes. Which means you can enjoy the weather and relax once a month. (a win-win)

Save the date! We’ll be hosting our July OneTable right in Downtown Clayton at the Municipal Park and Splash Pad. Come have some burgers and hot dogs with us on July 18th from 5-7!

We can’t wait to serve you!


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