Our Mission is to glorify God by impacting and developing people to build up our local community.

We Believe

This World Needs Compassion

Jesus encourages us to love one another out of the overflow of grace we have already received from God. In fact, He said it’s the best way for people to know that we are disciples; by the love, kindness, and unselfish concern we show for our neighbors. That’s where OneCompassion comes in.


Our Team

Core Values

Will to Win

We are self – starters with an unwavering drive who compete to achieve success.

Intentional Adaptability

We consciously embrace change, though mutual flexibility, strategic innovation, and purpose-driven versatility, to advance our people, products and services.

Live Compassionately

We have a humble and responsible approach to how we serve each other and our community.

Disciplined Execution

We expect operational excellence through safety, accountability, and an efficient, fast-paced environment.

OneCompassion is a non-profit organization in Clayton, NC. 


114 W. Main St. Clayton, NC 27520

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